Mindful Body Fitness Founder / Master Trainer

NSCA-CPT, Primal Health Coach, Restorative Exercise Specialist - CPT and ACWA Instructor

For the last 25 years the health and fitness industry has been my chosen profession. My passion for sports became apparent at an early age as I challenged myself with everything athletic. Athletics remained a major piece of my world through college and upon graduation from Oklahoma University, with a Liberal Arts Degree, I moved into a natural career path as a personal trainer and have been part of the fitness world ever since. In 2006, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded Mindful Body Fitness Tulsa a few years later. My training journey has included numerous opportunities, experiences and certifications. At this time, I am proud to be a student at ACWA in Dallas, Tx and currently hold certifications from NSCA, MovNat, Nutritious Movement, FMS, Mount Madonna Yoga Institute, and have studied Anusara Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and the hardstyle kettlebell techniques of the RKC extensively. My focus now lies in being both a teacher and student of Natural Movement & Combative Arts.

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Aaron Baulch