Charlotte Simpson

Believe in yourself!

Love yourself!

Give yourself a hug!

You are worth it!

Russian Kettlebell Certified RKC Level 1

Ground Force Method Certified

I have released over 120lbs. and know what it takes. Consistency is key. Take action. Enjoy the process in  your journey of health and fitness.

I am a Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC) instructor. I have attended MovNat and Move your DNA workshops, GORUCK events, obstacle course races and other various programs.

I believe movement is a daily practice.  Training to be strong and flexible is something to practice instead of it being considered a workout

I want to inspire others to practice mindful movements.  I have studied and trained several styles of fitness and incorporate these movements into Kettlebells to give you a total body movement practice.

Available for group and private instruction.

Facebook: Chara Kettlebell Strength & Fitness

Charlotte's Story