Tim's Story

MovNat Level II Certified Instructor

As an active kid in Southern California, I would often wake up in the early morning and ride a couple miles to the beach, holding a surfboard in one hand and the handlebar of his beach cruiser in the other. My friends and I would spend the day riding waves, swimming and lazing about in the sun. My group was never into fitness as a pursuit, it was just we did for fun, working with the resources we had to pursue the things which brought us joy. 

As I grew older and started to build a family, I lost sight of my personal fitness. I focused on academics and getting ready to start a career. During this time, I got heavier and developed the habits of a sedentary lifestyle. To counteract this, I began to learn about physical fitness in it's many forms (Tae Kwon Do, Kung fu, Jiu Jitsu, Crossfit, gymnastics, rowing, running, cycling, etc...). These were all great activities, but I found my body hurting and injury prone. Something was amiss. So I began to research and found while I was fit, I did not move in a sustainable way.  That is where my dive into Natural Movement and Mindfulness began.

I started walking and running barefoot, climbing trees, crawling and rolling on the ground, lifting rocks and logs, scaling walls, jumping and balancing, swimming and taking time for stillness. All of these actions helped me develop better movement patterns and to reconnect with the joy I felt as a kid out in nature. 

Fortunately, my movement practice led me to seek other like minded folks. That is when I met Aaron Baulch. Through his guidance and support, I have been introduced to a broad array of high-quality movement practicioners and thinkers. In the summer of 2017, I passed the MovNat Level II certification under the instruction of Kellen Milad. 

My wish is to help people reconnect with the joy of movement, to retap dormant vitality and help everyone awaken to the beauty and wonder of their physical form. 

Tim Maddox