Audrey H., Retired, 62
​"Aaron has been making a difference in my life for almost 5 years. I am 62 years old, but I feel better than being in my thirties. Aaron constantly strives to provide his clients with the best workouts. He is not your typical conventional trainer. He uses simple routines that make big differences in your flexibility, strength, and endurance. He is always well-prepared with a specific workout tailored for each individual and does not need fancy equipment to deliver powerful workouts. Through kettlebells, MovNat, and functional training, Aaron has helped me discover a more active and adventurous lifestyle."

Mickey M., Entrepreneur and Local Business Owner, 33
​"You don't know what has been taken from you, until you can feel what's missing. Thanks to Aaron I have taken back what's rightfully mine and I'm enjoying functional movement and my family again. (one barefoot step at a time)."


Scott A., Officer/Senior Analyst BOK Financial, 28
​"When I was recommended to Aaron at Mindful Body Fitness, I was recovering from an injury that resulted from a congenital imbalance in leg and hip muscles. At 23 years old I was a former competitive runner who found himself unable to run a mile without discomfort. Over the last four years my understanding of how my body functions and how I can fix a lifelong imbalance has improved drastically. I am more aware of my body's functionality while performing any type of activity - swimming, golfing, rock climbing, or playing a sport.

With Aaron's help, I have experienced tremendous change in my flexibility, strength, and ability to perform functional movements. Physically, I have never felt better. I feel laser focused on the movements and mindsets that are necessary to move with functionality and concentrated strength. My training is now intentionally focused on being stronger and more agile and not looking a certain way in the mirror. After four years of training with Aaron, my definition of strength has been forever altered."